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ALERT...Swansea Emails have been spoofed, if you receive an email from an email ending in, do not open the attachment until you have verified it has come from an employee of the Village. Typically these emails include an attachment, or ask you to "click here". By opening or clicking the attachment a virus could be transferred to your computer, so be very cautious. If you are unsure please call the Government Center at (618) 234-0044

Leaf Burning will resume March 15th through May 15th. Only on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 AM to 6 PM. Burning is not allowed on Village streets or within the Village right-of-ways. Residents who chose not to burn yard waste have the option to sign up with Republic Services at 618-656-6883, you must commit to a three month service at $11.55 per month starting May 1, 2019. The other option is to take your yard waste to St Louis Composting at 5841 Mine Haul Rd in Belleville, call 618-233-2007.
Swansea Adult Easter Egg hunt Friday April 12th ....        Click here for more details

Swansea Trustee Candidates' Forum...

The Chamber of Commerce will host a Candidates' Forum event on Tuesday March 19th starting at 7:00pm to 9:00pm at the Thompson Civic Center (1501 Caseyville Ave, Swansea, IL). The Forum will give residents and local business owners the opportunity to learn more about the candidates' qualification and what they plan to do to make Swansea a better place to and work, if elected.

Candidates running for the three open Board of Trustee positions are:

John "Skip" Kernan, Marilyn Neumeyer, Brian McGuire, Jeff Parker, Randy Tedesco.

You may choose up to three of these candidates on election day, April 2nd. Bring your questions for the candidates. For more information contact the Metro-East Regional Chamber of Commerce at (618) 233-3938.

Trash Sticker prices will increase as of May 1st.


The price of Trash Stickers will increase as of May 1st, 2019. Weekly Trash Stickers will increase in price from $20.75 per sheet of five stickers to $21.60. Any stickers purchased at the current price will still be honored if used beyond May 1st.


Yearly Trash Stickers will increase in price from $228.42 to $237.56 on May 1st. Thereafter, the cost for the annual sticker is reduced on a pro rata basis by $4.57 each week, until the stickers expire on April 30, 2020. That way, someone purchasing an annual sticker after May 1 only pays for that portion of the year they actually have the service. New annual stickers will not be available until right before May 1, 2019.  


To Report a Street Light Out... We want to give Ameren as much information as possible to locate the correct light that is out. Locate the nearest address of the pole. To report a light out you can call Ameren at 1-800-755-5000 or the Swansea Government Center at 618-234-0044.

Swansea Senior Van Service          

runs on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00am to 12:00 noon of each week. Riders must be 55 or older. If you would be interested please contact the Village of Swansea  at (618) 234-0044 from 8:00am to 4:30pm for complete policy for riders.

Tornado siren testing will be done on the first Tuesday of every month at 10:00am unless there is severe weather in the area.
Weather Preparedness Resources

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