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Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use &          Transportation Map.

For Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Click here 

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The Swansea Park Board and the Swansea Patriots will bring back a tradition from the 1980's, with a Halloween party in Melvin Price Memorial Park. The "Swansea Spook-tacular" is scheduled for Sat., October 28th from 5:00pm until 9:00pm.  Amount other things, it will feature a parade of children in their costumes, games, bounce houses, and food trucks.  

Residents, businesses and  organizations can also participate through "Trunk-or-Treat" - where they will park their automobiles around the perimeter of the roadway through the park with trunks or hatchbacks open and giving out candy. (Decorated vehicles are welcomed and encouraged). The safety and enjoyment of the children is very important.  So to help ensure their safety, the event sponsors are requiring all who intend to provide treats through this Trunk or Treat to submit a participant form.  While not wanting to seem overly cautious, the sponsore know that other similar events us this tool to inhibit possible participation by anyone who might be of concern to a parent or the Police Department

To obtain a participation form, please click here.  

Please print the form and complete it.  The forms may be submitted to the Swansea Government Center, at 1444 Boul Avenue, Swansea, IL 62226, or by email to 

Forms should be received no later than Noon on Wednesday, October 25th to allow time for processing.

Again, this step is intended to help ensure the safety of all children at the event.

Redevelopment of 1500 Boul Avenue Swansea Illinois
Request for Proposals & Site Profile
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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the President of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Swansea, St. Clair County, IL, that the Village is seeking proposals for the potential redevelopment of commercial property referred to herein as 1500 Boul Ave. and identified by permanent Parcel Number 08-16.0-408-032.  Said property is being offered as a potential development incentive via this request. The RFP is available on the Village website at Proposals will be received until 10:00 am local time, on Sept. 27, 2017, at the office of the Village Clerk, 1444 Boul Avenue, Swansea, IL 62226.  The Village of Swansea reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals at the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees.

Questions or requests for clarification should be directed in writing to Mr. Lyndon Joost, Village Administrator, via email to

By order of the Village of Swansea

Barb Kimutis
Deputy Village Clerk
Tornado siren testing will be done on the first Tuesday of every month at 10:00am unless there is severe weather in the area.
Weather Preparedness Resources