Log of FOIA Requests for 2017

Freedom of Information Act

FOIA # Date Requested Requestor Information Requested Date Released Status of Request
2017-1 1/16/2017 Tess Groen w/ Biersdorf & Associates Correspondence on Munie Rd., Phase 2 Road Project 1/18/2017 No Records 
2017-2 1/16/2017 Tim Buchanan Board Minutes from 2/22/11 Full Release
2017-3 2/17/2017 Tressa Glass Dash camera video of incident on 1/28/2017 2/21/2017 Full Release
2017-4 2/23/2017 Brad Austin Unrefunded cash 2/24/2017 No Records
2017-5 2/21/2017 Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists Number of DUI Arrests, including zero tolerance & Number of Officers, including Chief for 2016 2/24/2017 Full Release
2017-6 3/03/2017 American Transparency Fire Dept.Employees for the year of 2016 (fiscal or calendar year) containing the employer name, employer zip code, year of compensation, first name, middle initial, last name, hire date, gross annual wage and position. 3/09/2017 Full Release