Recycling Information

Recyclables are collected on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday of each week. Place the recycling bin at the curb on the same day you place your trash out for collection. Recyclables need to be out by 6:00am.
The Village assigns one recycling bin per residence. Should you need more room there are a few options available to you:
1. You may take an old Rubbermaid type bin you may have, write recycling on the side and place it at the curb     along with the green recycling bin.
2.You may put overflow items into paper grocery bags and stack them on top or next to the green recycling bin. Do not place items in plastic bags. They will not be accepted.
3. Additional bins are available for purchase at the Government Center at a cost of $8.63 / per bin. 

The recycling bin must be used. The driver looks for the bright green container as an indication to stop at your home. Do not put out newspapers if it's going to rain on collection day. If there is a chance of rain , you might try covering your recycling bin with plastic when you put it out.

Should you move, leave the recycling bin at the property, or it will be reported as stolen by the new owners or tenants. If you should find a recycling bin, notify the Police Department or Government Center. Each bin is numbered and assigned to a specific address.
For a list of acceptable items click here.