Sgt. Lieb

Scott Lieb

Sgt. Scott Lieb joined the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department Explorer Post in 1985 where he was introduced to the law enforcement profession.  The experiences that he had with the explorer post made Sgt. Lieb know that law enforcement was the career choice for him.  In 1989, Sgt. Lieb began his career in law enforcement when he was hired at the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy Service Aide.  In that position, he performed many functions including dispatching, call-handling, and working at many administrative tasks.  
In 1993, Sgt. Lieb was promoted to the position of St. Clair County Corrections Officer.  In this role, he learned much about the life of inmates and the correctional setting.  It was here that Sgt. Lieb crafted his verbal, non-verbal, and interpersonal communication skills.  These are skills that Sgt. Lieb is still to this day known for.  For a majority of the time at the St. Clair County Jail, Sgt. Lieb worked as a Booking Officer, managing the intake and release of prisoners on a daily basis.  While working for the Sheriff’s Department full-time, Sgt. Lieb also worked as a part-time police officer for the villages of Smithton and Freeburg.   

In 1995, Sgt. Lieb left the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department for a position as Deputy Sheriff in Monroe County, Illinois.  Sgt. Lieb worked with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department for six months when his dream of being a police officer for the village of Swansea was finally recognized.  On August 16 of 1995, Sgt. Lieb was hired as a patrol officer for the Village of Swansea.

During his career with the Swansea Police Department, Officer Lieb not only acted as a patrol officer, but also acted as an investigator years before “detective” positions were initiated in Swansea.  Sgt. Lieb is state-certified as a Field Training Officer and Juvenile Officer, and has won several awards for the number of D.U.I. arrests he has made throughout his career.  In 2007, then Officer Lieb was promoted to the position of patrol sergeant where he continues to work today.