2016 Life Saver Award

2016 Swansea Police Life Saver Award - Sgt. Matt Blomberg, Officer Nic VanWaes, Natalie Jablonski, Roderick Jablonski, and Zachary Jablonski

The above award was issued by Chief Steve Johnson and Demetrius Owens.  Mr. Owens had a heart attack and these officers and citizens saved his life by performing CPR and use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). 

On Sunday, January 8th, 2017, this department responded to a medical emergency at 3500 Sarah Lane involving an unconscious, not breathing male patient. Officer Nic VanWaes and Sgt. Matt Blomberg responded to the call.

Upon arrival in the area, Sgt. Blomberg intended to turn onto the southbound portion of Sarah Lane where the great majority of the houses were located. However, he observed a young male emphatically waving his arms at him from the north side of the roadway. The young man was later identified as Zachary Jablonski. He directed Sgt. Blomberg to the correct house on the north side of the roadway. By doing so, Zachary saved precious seconds in our response to responding to the medical emergency.

Officers observed a male patient lying on the floor of the living room. A female, later identified as Natalie Jablonski, was present. Mrs. Jablonski was a neighbor to the patient. She and her husband, Roderick, responded to assist the patient’s wife with her husband’s medical emergency. Mrs. Jablonski calmly and effectively communicated with EMS on 9-1-1 and conferred important information to Mr. Jablonski, who performed CPR on the patient.

As Sgt. Blomberg prepared the AED for use, Officer VanWaes immediately assessed the patient and began compressions. Once the AED was ready, Sgt. Blomberg was able to deliver a shock to the patient. Afterwards, Officer VanWaes resumed compressions and the Ambulance arrived on scene. Officer VanWaes continued with the compressions until relieved by EMS personnel. The patient was ultimately transported to the hospital for treatment.

EMS commented that the quick and effective attention to the patient played a vital role in the patient’s pulse resuming. Additionally, the patient survived the medical crisis and was expected to make a full recovery.

As a result of their swift and crucial actions, the Jablonski family, Sgt. Blomberg, and Officer VanWaes were awarded the Life Saver Award for their heroic efforts.

(Sgt. Blomberg not pictured below)