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Leaf Burning Ends May 15th...Leaf burning is only on Wednesday and Saturdays only from 9:00am to 6:00pm. 
Recycle Drive - Boy Scout Troop ... Click here for info

Business Registrations are Due April 30th.

Swansea Senior Van Service     
Senior Van is back in operation with limitations.  The van runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00am to 12:00 noon of each week. Riders must be 60 or older, or disabled and 55. If you would be interested please contact the Village of Swansea  at (618) 234-0044 from 8:00am to 4:30pm for complete policy for riders.

Spring Rains brings Flooding...Spring is fast approaching and just as a reminder please do not burn leaves in the curbing or the street. Burning should be done on your property only. Do not blow leaves and grass clipping in the street or gutters, this will cause storm drain blockage and then flooding. 
Trash Sticker price increase starting May 1st, 2021...     A sheet of 5 stickers will increase from $22.45 to $23.35. You can buy multiple sheets, they never expire regardless of how many you purchase at what price. 


The Government Center will be closed on Monday May 31st for Memorial Day ... Trash & Recycling will be delayed by one day the week of Memorial Day. Monday will move to Tuesday, Tuesday to Wednesday, etc. 

Tornado siren testing will be done on the first Tuesday of every month at 10:00am unless there is severe weather in the area.
Weather Preparedness Resources

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