Quick Overview and Contacts


1444 Boul Avenue
Swansea, IL 62226



The Village of Swansea is a local municipal government in the State of Illinois. Through approximately 50 full-time and 5 part-time employees, the Village provides specific public services to the residents, businesses and property owners within its municipal boundaries. For FY 2017, the municipal budget projects about $9,170,000 in operational and $$3,935,000 in capital expenditures between the General Fund, Sewer Fund, Motor Fuel Tax Fund, GO Bonds, and economic development funds. Services generally fall within the functional subdivisions diagrammed below. 

                                             Elected Officials
     Police           Fire           Administration          Streets             Wastewater     
Parks       Code Enforcement       Economic Development       Senior Services              

The various offices of the Village and the related services housed there are located as follows:

Swansea Government Center, 1444 Boul Avenue, Swansea, IL
Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm, M-F
Elected Officials, Administration, Parks, Economic Development, Senior Services
Code Enforcement (Building, Zoning, Permits)
Police Department
618-233-8114 (non-emergency)

Swansea Wastewater Treatment Plant, 209 Service Street, Swansea, IL

Swansea Engine House #1, 1350 N. Illinois Street, Swansea, IL
Swansea Engine House #2, 144 Huntwood Road, Swansea, IL
Fire Department
618-233-8114 (non-emergency) 618-234-3291 (Engine House)

General Email Contacts

Code Enforcement


Individual Email Contacts

Name Title Email Phone
Leopold, Michael Mayor 618-234-0044
Schloesser, Benjamin Village Administrator 618-234-0044
Alley, Dallas Building & Zoning Director 618-234-0044
Voellinger, Emily Accounting Specialist 618-234-0044
Roth, Missy Sewer Billing Clerk 618-234-0044
Reagan, Lori Administrative Assistant 618-234-0044
Neutzling, Amy Sewer Billing Clerk 618-234-0044
Johnson, Steve Police Chief 618-233-8114
Tell, Chris Fire Chief 618-234-3291
Tucker, Rick Waste Water Treatment Plant Superintendent 618-234-0044
Carmack, Bonnie Administrative Assistant 618-234-0044
Essenpreis, Kristina HumanResource/Payroll Specialist 618-234-0044
Johnson, Dan Code Inspector 618-234-0044