Village Clerk

Mission Statement
The Village Clerk’s Office performs those duties mandated by state and local laws, serving the Village Council and the general public.

The Village Clerk’s Office performs all duties related to Village Council including agenda preparation, meeting notices, maintains custody of official records, books, and other documents, attests to the validity of public records and official municipal enactments.

The clerk is the custodian of the Village seal and shall affix its impression on documents whenever required.

The following are duties of the Village Clerk :
•Notary for the public and employees
•Custodian of the Village seal
•Prepare notices and agendas for Committee meetings, Board meetings, and all others required
•Notify county clerk regarding individuals required to file the Statement of Economic Interest
•Election authority and deputy registrar
•Maintain codification of all ordinances and resolutions 
•Administers oaths for elected and appointed persons