Special Business Districts & Incentives

Special districts are a form of local government created by a local community to meet a specific need. Inadequate tax bases and competing demands for existing taxes make it hard for the Village and counties to provide all the services their citizens desire.
Special districts are primarily accountable to the voters who elect their boards of directors and the customers who use their services.

Business District Commission:
Purpose: to improve the Village’s business district through the review and recommendation of applications for façade and sign improvement reimbursement.
Number of members: 3 (two members may be business or property owners in the Swansea business district who are not residents of Swansea) and the Village Administrator and the Building and Zoning Director.
Length of term: 1 year, with no limit on terms.
Meeting schedule: at the call of the Chairperson, at Village Government Center, 1444 Boul Avenue.
Time Commitment: 1-2 hours preparation for meeting by reviewing materials and visiting sites, and 1-2 hours in the board meeting, when meetings are called.