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Owner Liability Form

  2. (A) The owner of any premises served by the Village of Swansea Sewer System and the occupant or any user, shall be jointly and severally liable to pay for all services provided to the premises whether utilized by the owner or any occupant, tenant, or other user.
  3. (B) Delivery of bills for such services shall be mailed to the owner of record. Bills shall be issued to the owner of the property or to a contracted manager of rental property for dwellings. Owners of single unit dwellings may have the bill mailed directly to their tenant with the provisions of an owner liability letter on file in the sewer-billing department. Letter of liability shall state that the owner knows they are liable for the sewer bill if their tenant neglects to pay and all legal matters are the responsibility of the owner of the premises. In addition, a current address and phone number of the owner shall be kept updated at all times. The bill shall include all current and past due charges for the premises in question, regardless of whether services were utilized by the owner or any occupant, tenant, or other user thereof.
  4. As owner of property at the above stated address, I have fully read the above Ordinance Section 6-1206 & agree to the terms.
  5. Please return completed form to the Swansea Sewer Billing Department.
  6. Village of Swansea - Sewer Billing 1444 Boul Avenue, Swansea IL 62226 Phone: 618-234-0044 Fax: 618-234-0444
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