Form Center

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  1. Camera Registration

    Form citizens fill out to register camera systems with the Swansea Police Department.

  2. Civilian Administrative Supervisor Ashley Robbins
  3. Detective Alex Wilken
  4. Report a Drug Dealer
  5. Sergeant Breanna Kemp-Damm
  6. Sergeant Scott Lieb
  7. Special Needs Program

    Form for families to fill out if a loved one has special needs and needs higher care/support

  8. Submit a Compliment
  1. Chief of Police Matthew Blomberg
  2. Deputy Chief of Police Keith Howard
  3. Detective Jason Frank
  4. Satisfaction Survey
  5. Sergeant Peter Wszalek
  6. Sergeants Gary Reuter
  7. Submit a Complaint
  8. Submit a Crime Tip

    Use this anonymous tip form to submit information regarding suspicious, nuisance, and criminal activity to this agency. You may submit... More…


  1. Deduct Meter Form
  2. Owner Liability Form
  3. Summer Usage Deduction
  1. Electronic Sewer Payment ( NACHA )

    Electronic form for the Village to pull payment from a persons checking account with authorization.

  2. Summer Usage Deduction