Crime Prevention Resources

The Swansea Police Department provides its citizens with crime prevention information and services, which may be beneficial to one's safety and reduce one's chance of becoming a victim of a crime. 

There are various forms of fraudulent activity which one should be aware of including, but not limited to the following: 
  • IRS Impersonation Scam-victims are asked to pay a "tax bill" using a form of credit or debit payment. Some impersonators will claim a warrant has been issued, but will be removed upon payment.
  • Driveway Scam-con artists claim to provide cheap and quick driveway repairs, often making off with the victim's money and never returning to complete the job.
  • Grandchild Scam-con artists contact family members (typically older adult populations) and claim their grandchild has been arrested and needs money.
  • Red Light Camera and Toll Bridge Scam-con artists claim one has an unpaid ticket for running a red light or not paying a toll bridge scam.
  • Green Dot Card Scam-con artists are calling victims and telling them to purchase a reloadable green dot card and instructing the victim to provide the pin number and code to avoid a warrant being issued for their arrest.
  • Medicare Fraud-con artists represent themselves as the government or insurance companies and request the victim's Medicare number and sensitive information. For more information on how to protect yourself visit the following link: Protect Yourself from Medicare Fraud
  • Purchasing a vehicle "as is"-always arrange to meet at a safe location (preferably your local police department). For more information on tips for buying and selling a used vehicle visit the following link: Buying or Selling a Used Vehicle
**Never give out personal information over the phone, but rather request any information be mailed to you. No need to provide your mailing address. Remember.....they called you. They should have all of your information.
**If scammers continue to call, contact the do not call list at (888) 382-1222 and ask to be placed on the "do not call" list. You must call from the same phone number you wish to enroll.